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When your physician writes you a prescription, he/she may or may not authorize refills. Physicians understand that you may not be able to visit the clinic regularly to pick up new prescriptions however they have a legal responsibility to follow up on certain treatment plans. Discuss your requirements with the physician at your appointment. Refills may be authorized if it is medically appropriate.   
Walk-in doctors are less likely to issue repeats since they are responsible only for your immediate needs.
The most common reasons for a physician NOT issuing refills:
  1. Prescriptions for narcotics are not refillable.
  2. Controlled drugs and other drugs with the potential for addiction or abuse. These are generally carefully monitored and prescribed in small quantities.
  3. Short term medications such as antibiotics. Your condition must be reassessed if you feel that you need more.
  4. Unstable conditions. When dose or drug changes are expected such as at the beginning of treatment for a newly diagnosed condition.

The most common situations where refills may be authorized:

  1. Stable, chronic conditions, for example thyroid or diabetes.
  2. "Just in case" prescriptions for recurring problems such as herpes outbreaks or urinary tract infections.
  3. To cover vacations.
  • If you have refills authorized and you need to pick up a fresh supply, call us first. This will give us time to prepare it and have it ready for you.
  • Specialty items may take a few days to order in.
  • Custom mixtures may take a day or so to properly prepare.
  • At any given time, a number of drug products are unavailable from the manuacturer for any one of a variety of reasons ranging from raw ingredient shortages to manufacturing difficulties. If this happens to your drug product, we will attempt to secure a supply for you. This may mean changing brands or dosage forms or in the worst case scenario, calling your physician to change to another drug product. 

Become familiar with you physician's prescription refill policy. Many modern medical offices do not refill prescriptions over the phone. Plan ahead in order to have an appointment before your medication runs out.


Call us at 905-257-7245 to order your prescription refill before you come into the pharmacy to pick it up.