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Excessive heat or freezing temperatures will degrade all drug products. Furthermore, creams and ointments may melt or separate. For this reason, NEVER keep medications in the car, near a heat source or in a beach bag.
If you have to keep medications with you while traveling during the warm months, keep them in a cooler bag. Take only what you need for the trip plus a small extra amount in case of delays.
It is best NOT to keep your medications in the kitchen or bathroom where heat and humidity will degrade tablets and capsules very quickly.
Check the labels of drug products for storage information. 
  • Your prescription may have refill authorization. Check the bottom right hand corner of your label or call the pharmacy to double check. 
  • Discuss the need for refills, especially for regularly used medication, with your physician at the time of your appointment.
  • If you need a refill and you do have authorization, phone the pharmacy ahead of time so that they can get it ready for you. 
  • If you feel that you need a refill of your medicine but do not have an authorization, check with your physician's office for their prescription refill policy. Many physicians' offices will not refill prescriptions over the phone

What to tell the health care practitioners that you visit:

  • All the prescription medicines you are taking.
  • All OTC (over-the counter) drugs, vitamins, supplements, herbals and alternative medicines that you are taking.
  • All of the medical conditions for which you are currently receiving treatment or have recently received treatment.

Expired or unused medications may be returned to our pharmacy for proper disposal.